machine time!

machine time!

Hey! I’m Danielle! I started the Quilted Thimble project because I have found that the patchwork process and the hand quilting process have been helpful in my recovery from hospitalization for a suicide attempt.

I’m a writing school graduate and that’s why I like the idea of blogging. I graduated in 2008 and haven’t written very much until now because I’ve had serious brushes with death and have been wrestling with my illness.

I learned the very rudimentary aspects of quilting while I was pregnant and made my first two quilts on the couch with a big belly to keep them propped up as I quilted! But then I took my first craftsy course–the 2012 block of the month hosted by Amy Gibson! I haven’t put the machine away since!

Now I find myself taking on much more ambitious projects and seeing great results. In this picture I am chain piecing several squares together to make long units for this year’s craftsy block of the month, which is a colour study quilt. I hope it turns out as bright as it promises to!

I hope you enjoy reading and looking at the photos in my blog posts. I try to include good content about quilting, life in general, and mental health. I quilt now for a kind of self-imposed occupational therapy.

Upon my release from the hospital in 2012 I haven’t been able to work outside the home. Luckily I have a terrific husband who is very understanding of this and has told me many times that his only wish is for me to stay healthy and happy, just like our little girl. (He really is the greatest husband I could ever have wished for!)



ward 4A quilt

ward 4A quilt





I also started this blog to say thank you to the world of quilters out there who are amazing, not just in their quilting pursuits but in their humanity.  I wrote about this quilt in a previous post. It has all the names of the people in the hospital ward where I stayed for two months back in 2009.

What I will always carry in my heart is how complete strangers came up to me after hearing the story behind this quilt and gave me very impassioned hugs, saying they thought this quilt was an amazing accomplishment and they felt honoured that I showed it in the contest that had gone on.

So thank you for stopping by and hopefully you’ll like the stories enough to subscribe!

Lots of love,



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