Quitting Coffee



I love coffee. I love tea. I love them as sweet as me.

But I need to quit drinking caffeine. I am on day two of no coffee and it is as grueling as a marathon. I’m sensitive to light, as though I have a migraine. I feel nauseated because I ate food for breakfast instead of a bowl of coffee. It’s crazy!

I was just at the psychiatrist’s office a few days ago explaining how our society practically forces us to drink coffee and at a feverish pace. I pointed out the window “there is a Starbucks right there!” (And there actually is.) And it’s not just cups of joe coming out of there–the phenomenon of the “coffee drink” is insane in our North American, “if-you-can-cram-sugar-in-it-by-God-do-it” culture. So now it’s gone from a venti dark roast into a “venti white chocolate mocha with an apple fritter please” at the drive thru. We can’t even get out of our cars!

So you may be asking “Well why are you quitting, then?” The reason: blood pressure. It’s not high at all, but the doctor does worry about my heart. It also wouldn’t hurt my pocket book if I quit. I mean, $7.50 every morning, sometimes twice, adds up pretty quick. Even if I do it at home in the Tassimo it’s still about $1.25 a cup.

Back in the day I used to smoke, and that was significantly easier to quit than this. Probably because I only smoked in my car. So I stopped driving that car and the cravings went away. I didn’t suffer any physiological symptoms, strangely.

I think it’s a lot like dieting. Food is around us. Caffeine is around us. Alcohol is around us. The lottery is around us. All are addictive but they’re not necessarily deadly unless taken to extremes.

Normally right now I’d be in my office working on a quilt top. Instead I’m sitting on the couch under my massive sampler that I’m still quilting to keep from shivering and feeling too crummy.

Now I just need to wait patiently for tomorrow when my blocks of the month come out from Craftsy and Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club. I love making quilts. That is something that I keep focusing on for a mantra.

Have a good week everyone!


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  1. Three weeks and 1 day ago I gave up drinking diet sodas plus anything with aspartame in the ingredients. (But who’s counting?) I’ve been drinking diet sodas for more than 40 years — back in the day when only Fresca and Tab were available! This has been an incredibly hard thing to do. I’m completely addicted to Diet Coke! So I’m with ya — hang in there!

    • Haha Kimberly–I hear you! It’s tough! It’s a nice treat now and then. I drank some coke at a concert tonight! I have earned it!

      Thank you so much for stopping by; I’m so flattered!


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